Long, Cold and Snowy Winter


Long Cold Snowy Winter
Long Cold Snowy Winter

This winter has been wonderful to us snowmobilers.  With record lows and record snow falls, this will be a winter to remember.

Now that we are in the last part of winter, I look forward to our new endeavors.  This year my goals are:

  • Renovate the farm house into a livable dwelling
  • Design and build a dam north of the house to create a pond
  • Design and start a food forest
  • Design, plant and harvest a bountiful garden
  • Work on the Permaculture design for the farm

These are all lofty goals by themselves.  However, I am not getting any younger and I want to leave a sustainable living farm for my kids and grandkids to enjoy.

This blog will be my way to share our progress and provide the lessons that I learned along the way.

Hang on… this will be a fun, but bump road to sustainability.

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