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Baiting Bear

11882901_10204741991058815_6974391434827550707_o11951424_10204741991218819_1995953564043172330_oMy friend, Chris, and his son, Nick, came up to the farm and started the baiting process for their bear hunt that begins in a few weeks.

Nick had scored two 55 gallon barrels of bait.  One full of frosting, and the other of mixed goodies (nuts, gummies, graham crackers, trail mix, granola, etc.)

Chris hollowed out a log with his chainsaw.  This is where we are placing the bait.  On top of the hollowed out log, he puts a board and then a heavy container to keep the raccoons out.

11057789_10204741993898886_5098868065286216984_o11942318_10204741993858885_3324253177713259079_oAlso, in effort to get the bear to come into the bait sideways (broadside) we put up logs to the side of the bait.  This should force the bear to walk around the logs and come in from the side.  That will give Nick the best opportunity to shoot the bear cleanly with his bow.

I will be refreshing the bait daily.  As I do, I will post the pictures here for everyone to enjoy.